12 August 2022

Protect Our Children-Keep Cell Phones Away from Children and Teens!

Don’t blame the children! Don’t blame the young people for their behavior! Blame the adults and mostly blame technology. Sure you are supposed to be 18 to visit a porn site, but are there really any safeguards to prevent kids from viewing porn? And I started with the worst thing, but I’m sure social media isn’t good for kids. It’s not really even good for adults-at least in my opinion. Smart phones have made us all dumber. The way our society works is, technology and discipline have made Tom Brady have a great football career. And maybe made him even better. But all the people watching football on tv have gotten dumber, lazier, and fatter because of the technology we have.

We need to protect our kids and our young people from technology. If I try to use arguments to prove that technology is bad. Here me out on this one. Technology is the reason we are all fatter. Between tv, air conditioning, and central heat, our bodies don’t need to work as hard to regulate our temperature-warm blooded people, and we move less than we used to move- a lot less. So technology has made us fatter, and our lives worse because of it. Think Diabetes or just morbidly obese people.

We are dumber because of technology. Sure we have all the facts, but technology makes things too easy for us. And fine, adults can use smart phones and look at porn. But kids should not. We should make sure they don’t have access to these devices, that make our lives easy and make us dumb and lazy.

Ok, maybe just lazy, but let’s protect our young people from social media and porn. Let’s ban smart phones for those under 18, but at the same time, not spend any money on enforcing this law! (Get my drift…. So, it’s a law, that schools can enforce, but not law enforcement agency. We don’t know what goes on inside a home and that’s fine. But we need to protect young people from bad things. And I don’t think we-as a society and country- are doing a very good job of it!

Ban smart phones to those under 18!



06 August 2022

Stand Up to Trump


Stand up to Trump

I totally understand why Trump has power. Because of fear. People are afraid, when they get death threats. Crazy people send death threats. Trump supporters, almost by definition, are crazy or at the least not very rational thinkers in some ways. You've got to assume that at least 1 in 1000 Trump Supporters would send death threats. Maybe 1 in 500,000 from someone randomly drawn from the entire population. Agree with those numbers? Too low? Too high? I don't know people that send death threats, but I know they get sent.

So not only would you get a bunch of death threats, Trump is also connected to Russia. And the Russians are really good at the whole killing the opposition peoples. So, you’d get death threats from crazy Trump supports with the Russia know-how to kill people very skillfully and creatively. I can’t think of any reason, why you shouldn’t be afraid to stand up to Trump from this logic.

For the one in twelve: Fantasy Football and Mental Health Hotline

For the One in Twelve

Are you a professional athlete with stress? You feel there is too much pressure on you to perform? You must love fantasy sports then. Where people make money on your performance, benefitting from all the work you put in, just by drafting you on their team.

In Football, every week, about 1 in 12 fantasy players want you to have game of your life. (and 1 in 12 really want you to lay an egg). But I think we can all come together on this issue. Well maybe we can’t. 11 in 12 of every fantasy football players are happy you got in a car accident, drove drunk, got injured, got arrested, can’t perform at your best for whatever reason. Because you aren’t on their team.

Only your fantasy owners care about you. 1 in 12. .0833, 8.33% of the fantasy population. The numbers actually say, because of fantasy, way more people are rooting against you, than for you. Sorry about that!!

But here, we have compassion, and let you know that even though only 1 in 12 fantasy players are really rooting for your success, as a role model, we ask you to please live responsibly and make sure to keep your body in shape, no injuries this season.

I would raise money so that the fantasy players can help the professional players with mental health issues, but that’s like asking the poor to give to the rich. And I know you are not like Donald Trump. He’s one of a kind! Thankfully!!!

So instead, I’ve created a hotline. Actually, I haven’t one has already been created.

Are you a professional athlete needing advice or stuck in pickle? Feeling like you might go up to 126 mph when you drive your car? Drunk a lot and thinking you’ll get behind the wheel? Having thoughts of dragging your wife into the elevator? Taking a stick to your kid? Hitting your wife? Taking more painkillers than you really need? Speeding reckless until your car crashes into someone, needlessly ending their life, cause you are an ass?

Please don’t. Call 988, the new mental health hotline. Save your season! For the 1 in 12! (12 teams are generally in one fantasy league, hence the 1 in 12 for fantasy football.)

Ok. Reading this. I realize that the suicide hotline, might not be the right number to call. Are you a professional athlete that is worthy of being on a fantasy team? (Sorry Craig Breslow. but appreciate your charity philanthropy work!)

Think you are going to make a bad decision. Call. 1-800-DO-RIGHT 1-800-367-4448 or 1-800-NO-WRONG 1-800-669-7664. Operators are standing by. Use your credit card and pay extra to talk to one of models, otherwise you'll probably be talking to a fantasy football player (male).

 Let us help you to call an Uber or remind you to just get out an take a walk. (make sure you identify yourself as an professional athlete upon being approached, let's not have another Travon Martin situation, as you walk to cool off (emotionally) in your gated community). 

Picking between two girls, and they are not into a ménage a trois. One of our fantasy studs will come and meet you, so you can pawn off the uglier one. Though no guarantees, some women are weird (self-loathing) and won't actually want to date a professional athlete. (They do, they just don't, don't ask questions, but even accountants need dates! So thank you professional athletes for not taking all the women!). 

05 August 2022

Financial Advice related to Financial Advisors. From yours truly!

“Reading articles on the internet (Yahoo Finance/Marketplace). I’ve lost 20%, or I’ve lost $70,000 in the market this year. Should I fire my financial advisor?”

No, you are a moron. It is better you are not managing your own money! If you knew the market is down 20% this year, you wouldn’t have asked the question. Everyone, ok almost everyone, is down about 20% this year. Most people know why and don’t blame their financial advisor! 

Keep your head in the sand, where it belongs!! (in response to your money in the market, especially money managed by someone else)!! Let your financial advisor do their job, assuming you did a good job of vetting them in the first place.

I’m down 20% too. The only difference is I don’t pay a fee to someone else to manage my money.


14 July 2022

Bravery and 2022

We need to be brave. We want to be brave. So be brave! 

I get it we are Americans and we can’t be the police and justice for the world. But if we want to be great. Don’t we have to? I mean it’s easier to interfere in affairs far away, than close up right? We’ve had a year and a half of Biden. And we haven't been exactly number one.

We need to brave. We need to stand up to Bullies. Even if the bullies have nuclear weapons. We need to take risks (calculated). We can’t back down! 

We feel bad when we do- back down. And we tell ourselves we did the right thing, even though it doesn’t feel good. But is it the right thing? 

If we want to be the number one country, we have to act like we are the number one country. And that’s what we want, right? More than anything, to be number one? Not to let someone else bully us around even though it is not at the expense of our own people? Or should we do what we did, with economic warfare with Russia and Ukraine? 

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

11 July 2022

Abortion Law

Roe v. Wade became legal and was celebrated not because people felt like abortion was good or right. The reason Roe v. Wade became legal, was that many women, mostly young women, either died or had permanent damage when they had illegal abortions. Recently R v. W law was overturned. But that is not the end.

The end is that an Abortion Law will be passed by Congress and signed into law by the president. Remember to vote for pro-choice candidates on November 8, 2022. Make your voices heard, by supporting Pro-Choice Congress candidates and senators!

15 June 2022

We need to raise the Age to buy guns and assault rifles

Gun violence is a problem in America. It causes distress in every school in addition to the lives lost. Schools all across the country, prepare students for potential gun violence with active shooter drills.   Now some middle school students tease each other saying, if there is a mass shooter “You will be the one shot.”

Gun violence and just the threat of gun violence affects the quality of education of students and schools across the country.

And apart what a very small percentage of conservatives say, education is really important. We can’t fly airplanes, launch satellites, or have a society without having an educated work force.  Anyone that says differently is mistaken and delusional. We as a society are weaker, because of how gun violence effects schools and education.

So, if you don’t think we need to do something about gun violence, because it only happens, what a couple of times a week or it doesn’t happen in your community, you are not just letting school teachers and students die, you are also affecting the education of students everywhere in America.  

We need to be making the world a better place. One thing we can do is to raise the age of guns to 21, so these potential gun shooters, that are not fully emotionally developed can’t buy guns. Yes, we won't necessarily eliminate all school shootings, but why would we not take action, when raising the gun laws will save lives.

Due to the education level of the shooter at Robb Elementary School, the gun laws required to buy any gun, but especially high-capacity assault rifles on a National level, should require a high school diploma or turning age 21. This does not mean all guns are banned and you and your kid can't go hunting anytime. But it is beyond ridiculous if a law raising the legal age to buy a hand gun or an assault rifle to 21 or a high school diploma does not get passed.